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Proven quality for your pet's dental health

UrgiPet of Mount Pleasant, PA gives your pet the best in dental care. 80% of pets three years of age and older have some form of dental disease. Proper dental care decreases the chances of kidney, liver, and heart disease for your dog or cat.


Contact us and we'll give your pet professional teeth cleanings and more.

Stage one involves tartar build-up along with swollen gums. Your pet is most likely in pain at this point, and it's best to start brushing your pet's teeth daily.

Stage one dental disease

Know the different stages of dental disease

If your dog or cat has minor teeth issues, then the issues won't be as easy to spot just by looking in their mouths. If the disease has progressed, then it usually becomes much easier to notice. We'll answer all of your questions and let you know if it's time for your pet to have surgery.

Stage two means that the crown of the tooth has worn down where not much else can be noticed. The gums are usually red to black in color, but not always.

Stage two dental disease

To set up an appointment for your pet's dental checkup, or for any other health concerns, give us a call today at:



Don't put off scheduling an appointment for your pet's dental health since periodontal disease can lead to serious health consequences.

We treat your pet as if he or she was our own. All measures are taken to ensure your pet's comfort.

Stage three means that serious bone loss has now taken place and surgery is recommended. Only an X-ray will be able to determine the extent of the bone loss.

Stage three dental disease

If your pet's tooth has reached stage four, this means it needs to be removed. There will be noticeable bone loss and swelling of the gums along with infected pus.

Stage four dental disease

We have a state-of-the-art dental suite that includes digital dental x-rays and high-speed surgical equipment.

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